Birth of a Nation Curriculum & Speaking Tour


The Birth of a Nation (BOAN) is a groundbreaking film that speaks truth to power and confronts American racism in a riveting story about the life of Nat Turner. The film delves into the ways Turner’s relationship with his faith empowered him to confront, and ultimately revolt against, the horrific conditions that characterized slavery. It also depicts the way White southerners used extreme violence to exact revenge against enslaved people in the aftermath of Turner’s revolt. As one of the most misunderstood men in American history, Nat Turner’s story provides the perfect crucible to investigate both historical and contemporary issues of race, religion, power, memory and legacy.

Breaking the Cycle Consulting Services, in partnership with The Nate Parker Foundation, is pleased to announce that beginning in January 2017, The Birth of a Nation will be available for workshops at schools, universities, churches, community organizations and private screenings. The Pre and Post Screening workshops and accompanying Teachers Guide use the film the as a basis for:

  • Teaching parents, educators and religious leaders how to use the film and materials to educate about the legacy of racism in America and the role of resistance;
  • Providing a knowledge base that will foster understanding of the most poignant, disturbing and least understood parts of our nation’s distant and recent history;
  • Developing a framework for understanding how the systemic slavery of the past influences our racial reality today;
  • Exploring the role of religion as an institution that was used to either support or advocate against slavery; and
  • Empowering participants to dialogue about how we can address the current manifestations of our history so we can leave this world as a better place.

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