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Breaking the Cycle Consulting Services LLC (“BCCS”) works with agencies, educators, parents and youth (hereafter “Stakeholders”) to break the cycle of academic and social underdevelopment in communities of color.

BCCS specializes in creating and implementing comprehensive training & professional development workshops, education programs, and family workshops designed to address the crisis that exists in many urban communities. These programs are designed to develop Stakeholders’ capacity to incorporate best practices in Cultural Competence & Responsiveness within schools, corporations, non-profits, and government agencies. These programs and services present research and practical solutions that empower participants to minimize cultural barriers between service providers and communities of color and allow for the development of a culturally responsive framework.

Our consultants share a passion for utilizing their expertise to provide Stakeholders with a practical toolkit that will enable them to meet the specific needs of diverse populations. Popular workshops address issues related to critical race theory, cultural responsiveness, anti-racism, privilege and gender equity.

BCCS programs and services provide the various Stakeholders with the tools they need to:

1) Develop a practical framework for cultural competence and responsiveness within the work environment; and

2)  Reduce cultural barriers between service providers and communities of color.


BCCS education based programs allow Stakeholders to:

1) Align with the Common Core State Standards and the Danielson Framework for Teachers;

2) Infuse culturally responsive pedagogy into the curriculum and work environment; and

3) Maximize student learning in the classroom and beyond.

BCCS also develops youth programs to address literacy, self-esteem, service-leadership, violence prevention, college prep and career development. BCCS has worked with schools, universities and community-based organizations across the nation and spearheaded a national literacy campaign with actor Nate Parker from the inspirational film, The Great Debaters. Our consultants are experts who share a passion for utilizing their knowledge and experience to break the cycle of underachievement amongst urban youth.

You can learn more about our programs in the brochures below:

BCCS 2014 -2015 Packet

BCCS Brochure 2014

BCCS Price List 2014

BCCSBlack History Month & Women’s History Month Programs